Are You With The Crowd Or With Jesus

Are You With The Crowd Or With Jesus

There is great confusion in our world today concerning the evidence of God’s revealed truth in His Son Jesus Christ. Early events of Christ’s ministry, demonstrates that His disciples, also confused by the professions of variant interest groups, were devoid of clear understanding of who Jesus was. Possessing the record of those disciple’s experiences, you must decide are you with the crowd or with Jesus.

Find in Matthew’s gospel, chapter 16:13-19, a small kernel which demonstrates the disciple’s growth in faith. Possibly you will discover the foundational truth that will assist you in determining are you with the crowd or with Jesus.

Context Is Important:

This entire chapter of Matthew contrasts the preconceived ideas and understanding of the crowds against the truth of Christ teachings. The Pharisees and Sadducees were seeking a demonstrable sign; yet, they refused to read the sign of revealed truth standing before their eyes.

Be warned of False Teaching:

The crowd is given to the opinions and perceived facts of authoritative leaders and those having economic and political sway. Don’t allow yourselves to be deceived by the social and moral correctness of changing times. Second Timothy 3:16, declares, “all scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness”. You can trust the word of God; through it, you can determine whether you are with the crowd or with Jesus.

The question To The Twelve, Is The question For You:

Who do you say that the Son of Man is? The crowds have responded with their various interpretations based on their interests and expectations for themselves. However, will you allow your heart and your spiritual ear be attuned to the revealed word of truth?

Trust God’s Revealing Jesus To You:

Peter had not fully understood what it meant to confess Jesus as Messiah; nevertheless, against the roar of the crowd, he was empowered to respond, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God”. As it were, Peter’s confession was merely the toddler’s steps into the blessed presence and purpose of God. Sincerely seek, and light will be provided. John 1:9, assures Jesus is “the true light, which coming into the world, gives light to every man”.

What Happens When You Get The Message:

God desires to know, are you with the crowd or with Jesus? When you can respond in faith to His revealed truth that Jesus is His son, and therefore your Lord, He will establish you as His called out one. The twelve were in concert with Peter’s confession, consequently, Jesus assured Him and the others that His church would be constructed from them and all others who would make like confessions of faith.

The gates Of Hell Can’t Stop You:

Since you assert your response to the question are you with the crowd or with Jesus is that you have decided to follow Jesus, you have become a member of His church. As a member of His church, death cannot stop you. The church cannot fail, but, will continue its mission until it is fulfilled in the earth. The strength of death, or hell, will not prevent you because even after your physical death, the church, of which you are a member, will go on.

You Have The Keys-Use Them:

Proclamation of this revealed word of truth is the key which allows men and women into the church, and subsequently, the Kingdom. It is also the means, by which they are excluded. Heaven has already ordained the choices we make. Are you with the crowd or with Jesus?

Don’t Become distracted By The Allure Of This World:

Striving for the things which provide apparent security, comfort, and increased benefit in this life can only distract you from the true riches found with Christ. The crowd is consumed with preservation of life in this world; but, those who are with Christ, are willing to sacrifice this life for an eternal weight in glory. Are you with the crowd or with Jesus?

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