God’s wrath is still real

God’s Wrath Is Still Real

While aspiring to motivate, inspire, and encourage is essential to the ministry of the gospel, people also should understand disobedience to the faith has adverse consequences. God’s love is the primary moving force drawing humanity through the self-giving sacrifice of Christ. However, rejecting knowledge of God in times past uncovered his ire; and we must remain aware, God’s wrath is still real.

Paul, in Romans chapter one, lays out how we can be delivered over to the justice of God. His wrath, asserted in verse 18, “ is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of people…”. He has not changed to accommodate our modern era; God’s wrath is still real.

People are without excuse:

God’s divine nature is evidenced in creation and in the on-going creative process. What God has made cannot be duplicated by human or artificial means. Biological and chemical sciences are themselves the product of a primeval intelligent force, which is none other than the Spirit of God. All human beings can observe and experience the created wonders of earth and space; and, without prejudice should give honor to whom honor is due. They can only falsely claim to not know God.

God delivers over to cravings:

Are you more interested in yourself, in your honor, or the honor of your intellect and opinions than in the honor of God? Where is the focus of your worship? Is it on the things which can be attained in this material world, or in attaining an eternal relationship with God who created all things? Things which you crave in your heart, God will deliver you over to them. Worship of things is a lie, but, worship of God is truth. He will not keep you back from worshipping anything. Yet, remain cognizant, God’s wrath is still real.

God delivers over to degrading passions:

Political and social correctness has positioned itself in the culture which we currently live. Everyone thinks it’s alright to do whatever they think is good and feels good to them. Alternate lifestyles, men with men, women with women, have become acceptable. People, in many cases, have not the slightest realization God has delivered them over to such passions because of own unnatural desires. But, God’s wrath is still real.

God delivers over to a worthless mind:

Decline using your mind to acknowledge God as creator and sustainer of all life, and choose not to worship and have faith in Him, God will deliver the mind to reprobation. Minds abandoned by God can lead to eternal rejection and forfeiture of eternal salvation. Worthless minds may never learn how to return to God, but, may find themselves “dreamers”, “waterless clouds”, “kept with eternal chains in darkness for the judgment of the great day”. My friends, God’s wrath is still real.

Don’t get delivered over to wrath:

Although God’s wrath is still real, you must not resign yourself as one of its recipients. Paul goes to great lengths through the first three chapters of Romans pointing out guilt in humanity; nevertheless, concluding, 3:21,22, God’s righteousness is now revealed “through faith in Jesus Christ”. He further asserts, “we have been declared righteous by faith”. Moreover, we are assured in 5:6-8, “while we were still helpless…Christ died for the ungodly”, and, “while we were still sinners, Christ died for us”. Don’t get delivered over to wrath by denying faith of God in Jesus Christ. Remember, God’s wrath is still real.

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