Can You See The Sign

Can You See The Sign

Are the signs which you encounter daily usually visible enough for you to determine their meaning or significance for your life? If these signs are visible, then how do you respond to their message? Life and death may hinge on the question, can you see the sign?

Our society is commonly saturated with signs connecting with the various areas of social, political, economic, and familial activity. Oftentimes, we may become obtuse to the signs, taking them casually and for granted. In our generation, it has become extremely important to reconsider the inquiry, can you see the sign.

Take into account the types of signs we encounter throughout our day to day activities which may exemplify the meaning Jesus desires to convey to His listeners in Luke 11:29-32.

There are traffic signs:

Stop signs, U-turn, and other signs designed to regulate the flow of automobile traffic are set in place with the expectation they will be obeyed. Failure to obey may result in a police officer stopping you and asking, can you see the sign? Without reasonable explanation, he may write you a ticket. Failure to obey may also cause an accident with someone getting seriously hurt or killed.

There are directional signs:

Signs are posted to show you how to proceed to certain locations. They lay out the way from rooms in buildings to destinations between cities and states. Failure to heed or see the signs may cause you to lose your way. Suppose you are to meet business associates in a town outside your city to close a deal, but you get lost. Getting lost may cause them to wonder, can you see the sign.

There are advertising signs:

Society is inundated with signs which attempt to persuade, convince and sell you on the value and desirability of every emerging product imaginable. Advertising also targets people with a motive to coax them to choose candidates or systems of government. Not being up to speed on the latest and greatest will cause your friends to question, can you see the sign?

Numerous other kinds of signs:

Above are simply a few of the signs we may find transitioning through this life. There are economic indicators. Informational signs, family posted signs, and many others which you may add to this list. Yet, no matter how many signs there are, the question remains, can you see the sign?

People are prone to seek more proof:

An advanced intellectual, technological, and scientific world can hardly see itself as an evil generation. Nevertheless, we, like the people during Jesus’ ministry, are unreceptive of the truth. The sign of the Messiah had been demonstrated casting out the mute demon. Those who did not disparage the sign were prone to seek more proof. People in this evil generation who refuse the truth, like those of old, are seeking for another sign, more proof as a provocation for Jesus to acquiesce to their demands.

Can you see the sign of Jonah:

Compared to Jonah in Nineveh, Jesus’ ministry was extensive.  Jonah preached, “yet forty days and Nineveh shall be overthrown”, three days in Nineveh and approximately 120,000 souls were saved. Jesus preached, His Messiahship and the Kingdom, three years throughout Judea and Galilee with only minimal ardent believers. Jesus questioned the crowd and He questions the crowd today, can you see the sign? The people of Jonah’s day believed; and he was merely a servant. Jesus is the son; yet, people still refuse to believe.

A queen and men of Nineveh rise in judgment:

The queen of the south traveled from the ends of the earth to hear a word of wisdom from Solomon. She heard and believed the truth. Likewise, people of Nineveh heard the truth and believed. Both classes, according to theological and social privilege and expectation, were not the primary recipients of God’s word. Consequently, their belief stands a testimony against all who fail to believe, in the past and in this present age.

Greater than Solomon and Jonah:

Both Solomon and Jonah were outstanding messengers of God’s word of truth. In comparison to Jesus, however, they were only minute diacritical marks within the vast book of life. Jesus was and is the Word, the Son, and the Truth. Greater than all who came before Him because He already was. Yet, people, an evil generation, refuse to believe.

Spiritual darkness obscures the sign:

Can you see the sign through spiritual eyes darkened by the concerns and influences of this worldly system? Your spiritual eyesight must be enlightened by the light of truth. Jesus himself is that light; and John’s testimony professes it is he, “who gives light to everyone” (Jn. 1:9). Whatever diverts away from Jesus will cause you to lose spiritual focus and plunge you into darkness.

Son of Man sign for our generation:

Jesus liked to characterize himself Son of Man because He identified with our human passions and frailties. He pronounces He is the sign we must focus on. Like traffic signs, we suffer to our own hurt when we do not see or rebel against Him.  He is our directional sign, the truthful way, keeping us from becoming lost. Do not allow yourself to be persuaded by worldly advertisements, signs tempting you to follow mortal leadership. Refocus your attention on the Son of Man; Jesus is the sign for this generation. Since people of old believed the sign of Solomon; and they believed the sign of Jonah. Surely, we ought to believe the sign of Jesus who is greater than Solomon, and greater than Jonah. Can you see the sign?


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