Significance Of The Son Of Man Rising From The Dead

Significance Of The Son Of Man Rising From The Dead

Growing up in the south in an era when there were not a great deal of diversions, immediate and extended families would often sit around living rooms, doorways or on the front porch listening to anecdotal or legendary stories of ghosts or people returning from the dead. Those stories not only frightened and excited the imagination of children, but tended to send shivers down the spine of adults as well. The perception of horror and mystery in those stories suggests we had not clearly understood the significance of the son of man rising from the dead.

Particularly, I recall one story in which a man had died; the mortician secured the body and transported it to a funeral home in Birmingham. However, before the proper preparations were arranged to embalm, the supposed dead man rose up from the embalming table and started for the door. The head mortician cried out with shock and dismay, stop! There goes a thousand dollars walking out that door. Certainly, he was not considering the significance of the son of man rising from the dead.

There remains dread anxiety, fear, and mystery surrounding our own mortality and our loved ones who have succumbed to the clutches of death. Although we linger at the casket, refusing to let them go during times of loss, and in some cases, attempt to jump in with loved ones, I think, most of us would be terrified, if they actually got up from the dead. Simply because we have not truly discovered the significance of the son of man rising from the dead.

This is the gospel:

Are you certain regarding what you believe? Are you easily deterred from the faith by every wind of doctrine? The Christian should not be intimidated by Jehovah witnesses or intellectual atheists. Your faith must remain grounded on the good news that Jesus the Son of God, son of man has entered human existence, taken on the sin of humankind and nailed it on a tree. That is the revelation of Jesus himself, holy writ, and those who touched and handled him. You are being saved by faith in these truths proclaimed. Failure to hold these truths weakens your ability to see the significance of the son of man rising from the dead.

So many people doubt him:

Accompanying the increase in knowledge arises intellectual skepticism and a reliance upon empirical evidence to prove the purpose and power of God. Such skepticism discounts resurrection as empirically untenable. To do so, however, is to discount your salvation and the ability of all powerful God to overcome your sin and death. Doubting belongs to those who have not yet grasped the significance of the son of man rising from the dead.

Since Christ is raised from the dead:

In Adam, all humanity must taste of death because we are generated through him under the sin principle which is only appeased by dying. This development meant death for all humans was the final frontier. However, Christ, the son of man, being raised from the dead, gave life giving significance to what was once a limited condition. The son of man willingly took upon himself all our limited conditions, sin, and disease, deposited his life on the cross in remittance for our rebellion. Nevertheless, he had to rise from the dead to justify us with his blood on the mercy seat of God and demonstrate he was victorious over death. Through this finished work, we understand the significance of the son of man rising from the dead is all of us who are in him, and no longer in Adam, have been made alive in him, and will also be raised up with him in the resurrection of the last day.

Why suffer or die if Christ is not raised:

Almost two thousand years have passed since the death and resurrection of Jesus. Men and women have continually been drawn to his cause, become ardent followers, and look to his promise of eternal life. Why, if Christ is not raised from the dead? Many have been persecuted and suffered death rather than denounce him. Why, if Christ is not raised? Countless numbers have experienced the resurrected Christ moving, strengthening, and comforting in their individual and communal lives. We know and are sure that he lives. You ask me how I know he lives? Those who place their faith in him, he lives within our hearts.

Liberty: significance of the son of man rising from the dead:

Since the Son of man has risen from the dead, we are confident concerning our freedom in Christ. We no longer need be entangle in the yoke of sin or worldly bondage. We do not have to be afraid of death because we realize in Christ, we shall never die. We become empowered to carry out his work with the confidence we shall accomplish our purpose. And the ultimate significance of the son of man rising from the dead is on that day when he sends his angels with a great sound of a trumpet to gather his elect from the for winds, we shall hear him say “come on up, you’ve been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many”.

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