That You Might Have Life

That You Might Have Life

We can never fully express the great magnitude and wonder of the life which the Lord Jesus gives to all who ask of Him. It is the most precious life possible, the life of faith in the Son of God. He has declared, John 10:10, he has come “that you might have life, and have it more abundantly”.

This life which the Son gives is a gracious life and it can never cease to exist; it is eternal. In this life God is present all of the time. He is all around us and He is within us, continually giving us revelations and manifestations through His Holy Spirit. Constant is our communion with the Lord for we see, know, feel, and hear Him in this life. There is no death; according to 1 John 3:14, “we have passed from death to life”. That life manifest in its fullness will permit no sickness or disease. And Jesus wrapped himself in human life that you might have life.

Everyone can enter in, possess and be possessed by this life. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to be in close proximity of this life and still miss it completely. God is graciously and openly pouring out His spirit in divers places, but many miss the blessing which He is willing and ready to bestow upon them. They fall short simply due to a lack of revelation and ignorance of the grace of God. Romans 8:32, says “He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things”? This life is a gift; you cannot earn it. God wishes to bring you to the realization that you might have life in his Son.

No Longer Ordinary Knowing That You Might Have Life

From the day that you receive that life from above, you will never be the same; you can be ordinary no longer. You become extraordinary, filled with the extraordinary power of our extraordinary God. There are many people today who attempt to hold back on God; they wish to retain something for themselves in expectation of times of trouble. But allow me to encourage you, don’t hold back on God, and He won’t hold back on you. It pays to trust God with all you have and hold nothing back. God is a living unlimited resource for all who will trust. Do not doubt, but hear with the ear of faith that you might have life.

The power of God was mighty upon the early church; the people came to understand they were in the presence of God. This resulted in a great reverence for God, a holiness and purity of life which desired to please Him. The people became so assured God was working, they knew anything was possible. During that Pentecostal period, they brought all of their sick and oppressed of the Devil, and God healed everyone of them. The power of God was present; and the faith of the people was so stirred, they were united in heart to believe God. And God will always meet people on the basis of faith. Pentecost is still active today; we need only demonstrate our faith. God is ready and willing to meet you today so that you might have life, and have it eternally.


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  1. Very well written. I was truly encouraged by this. Thanks for sharing!

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