An Hour For Life In Christ

An Hour For Life In Christ

Can you imagine what those Gentiles, the Greeks, must have thought as they moved among the crowd following Jesus into Jerusalem shortly before his hour? Surely, they heard the cries of “save us, and “blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord”. Evidently, those men felt compelled to seek an audience with Jesus, holding onto the possibility this might very well become an hour for life in Christ.

According to John 12:20f., these men, wanting to see Jesus, met with Phillip, then, Andrew who took their petition to Christ. Interestingly, Jesus did not respond directly to their inquiry, not even acknowledging the fact he had been informed of their presence. He simply began to speak regarding his humanity and the purpose of that humanity in service to humans and giving honor to God. The disciples may have been a little dull in catching his drift, however, he was pointedly disclosing all persons would have opportunity for an hour for life in Christ.

What, then, is required to effect opportunity for an hour for life in Christ? Jesus asserts, “unless a seed falls into the ground and die, it remains alone; but if it dies, it brings forth a great harvest”. Jesus became the authentic human seed buried in the earth in order that many humans might have the right to live unto God through Him. The harvest of a human soul comes to whosoever will and in whatever hour that person will make a decision to receive the God-life which he gives.

Following Him Affords An Hour Of Life In Christ

Doing what Christ did is not possible in the absolute sense because He alone was perfected to pay the ultimate price for salvation through sacrifice of his life. Nevertheless, we are called to follow his example by giving up our soul life, our individual personality in preference for his God life. Willingness to give self away is indication you hear his voice and submit to his commands. Such a heart attitude affords an hour for life in Christ, that is, your primary purpose is to serve him and remain in his presence.

Following Jesus is tantamount to serving him, giving up your life to take on the life of the Savior. Taking on His life means you are always desirous to go where he is and do what he does, to continually remain in his presence. Making this kind of sacrifice does not go unnoticed by the Father, God. As we come to an hour for life in Christ, He bestows honor upon all who acknowledge His son as Lord.

Jesus said, John 16:33, “In the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world”. Realize although you have come to an hour for life in Christ, trouble will still arise. Remember the trouble attached to your hour is only there to demonstrate to the Devil and to the world you are an overcomer in Christ. Exalting Christ will cast the Devil and trouble out. And when others see Him lifted up above all enemies, they too will come seeking an hour for life in Christ.

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